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Services for property owners

Company Comfort House does everything to make your stay in the Park Avenue VIP residential complex comfortable and of high quality.
In case of any domestic problems and for their subsequent removal, we invite you to get acquainted with the services that you can use as a free of charge (under the management agreement) and for a fee.

Employees of domestic service, taking on itself a number of routine care, will give you enough time so that you can adhere to way of life that brings you the greatest satisfaction.

Highly qualified staff, working in different areas is always happy and ready to provide necessary services quickly and efficiently. Application to perform paid work, you can draw directly at the concierge of your home, by phone – 200-29-01, as well as filling out the online application on our website in the MY PROFILE.
A list of works carried out by a service company within the service contract:

1.Utilities services (cold and hot water supply, water disposal, electricity supply, heating).

2. Services on maintenance of the Building, Facilities and Adjacent Territory:

–              Cleaning of the Adjacent Territory

–              Cleaning of staircases

–              Export of domestic waste (collection, storage, transportation, processing, recycling, disposal and burial)

–              Cleaning of the basement, technical floors and roofs

–              Maintenance of the elevators

–              Maintenance of the dispatching system of technical equipment

–              Maintenance of the systems inside the building (hot water supply, cold water supply, water disposal, heat supply, storm water sewer)

–              Deratization

–              Disinsectization

–              Maintenance of smoke ventilation ducts

–              Maintenance and current repair of automatic fire-suppression and smoke removal systems, as well as other engineering systems inside the building:

–              Current repair of internal systems of hot and cold water supply, water disposal, heating supply and storm water sewer and technical equipment of buildings and elements external provision of amenities

–              Watering yards, flower beds and lawns

–              Snow plowing and removal, spreading anti-icing compound over the Adjacent Territory designated for pedestrian and vehicular approaches

–              Operation of the buildings number plates

–              Lighting of places for general use, basements, water pumping

–           Power supply for the elevators.

3. Services on maintenance of law and order in the Building and in the Adjacent Territory :

–              monitoring the visitors of the Complex (concierge service);

–              prevention of unauthorized access of strangers to the premises within the Complex Territory;

–              monitoring the movement of material and other values within the Complex Territory;

–              prevention and restraint of any illegal actions (including theft, property damage, physical abuse) within the Complex Territory;

–              notification of the competent authorities and organizations about the occurrence of danger, emergency and abnormal situations within the Complex Territory;

–              detention of persons within the Complex Territory at the moment of commitment of crime or offense by the latest and calling the police;

–              prevention and suppression of mass disorders, group violations of public order of a violent nature within the Complex Territory;

–              taking measures on the detection of objects with characteristics of bomb within the Complex Territory, notification of the relevant competent authorities, taking urgent measures to evacuate people from the premises to safe area; ensuring protection of the item until the arrival of police;

–           provision of supervision for control panel of fire protection of the Complex, providing calling fire or emergency services, taking the necessary measures to eliminate fires, preservation of property.

4. Provide the repairing services of the Joint Areas, Adjacent Territory, Facilities and Amenities (associated with carrying out full and current repairs, with replacement and reinforcement of structural elements and networks, their reconstruction, recovery of the carrying capacity of the bearing structural elements, etc.).